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What We Do.

What You'll Experience When Working With Us?

Step 1.

Audience Development

Our first step is the most important and one most businesses fail to do. It's so blantant that within a couple of minutes of talking on the phone or checking out a clients online process.
It's clear to see whether they know their audience at level needed for sustainable growth.
Researching Your Audience.
We’ll research and develop an engaged audience to attract high quality leads into your business. You’ll have access to our professional team of tech & funnel (website) experts, as well as our in-house team of copywriters.
Together we’ll turn your online assets into consistent and predictable sales machines!
Step 2.

Install A Proven Sales Process

Imagine being able to take a person in your target audience from "who are you" to "please take my money" without ever speaking to them one on one.
Depending on your business price point. Using a proven formula we can create a sales process that produces automated client acquisition without "YOU" having to be apart of the physical process
We’ll help you create Data-Driven marketing strategies to strategically create offers.
Up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells, and more. This way you’re not only maximizing your current customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) (one of the many metrics we track for you), but you’re also solving as many of their problems as possible - which creates massive goodwill for your business in it's respected market place.
Step 3.

Track Client Acquisition Growth

Successful marketing isn’t built with chance or luck. It’s assembled through a relentless schedule of testing, tweaking and (most importantly) driven by data, numbers, metrics - you know, the boring stuff!
If a business, brand or non profit organization doesn't do this part after they start to grow.
Their success or growth can turn out to be the beginning of their decline. And eventually their end.
Don't worry about the "techy stuff" we take care of all of it for you so you can focus on growing your business, not just working IN it.

the team

Get to know the team of highly-trained experts who’s ONLY focus is to get YOU results.

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Would you like our help to Grow Your business, brand or non profit?

Our Clients.

Together over the years we’ve generated over $30,000,000.00 in sales for our businesses, brands and clients. See what they have to say about partnering with us…




10 years into service and we’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our services. Check what they have to say about us.


"Before I worked with Toby & Layla I was confused, getting no leads and no sales. I didn't know who I was targeting and had no real "plan of attack" to get my products out there.
6 weeks later I had created my first info product, learnt enough FB stuff to generate at least 20 leads a day and sold over 10 copies of my product."

- Morgan Paige Steele

 “I never thought I could replace my husbands full time income from my little online business.

In the first 30 days after following Layla’s Launch Templates I made $7,830.


She makes it so easy!”

- Hayley Park

“I've NEVER done any online marketing online before.

And using your methods on social media I was able to build a solid 4 figure a month income just from Facebook.


- Crystal Pow

"We we're shocked as to how quickly things started to turn around for us..

Our Florida store was getting around 3 or 4  sales through our website per week. 

After just 2 weeks we are consistently getting no less than 6 sales per day!"

- Laurie & Fran @ London Pride

"I'd hit a point in my business where I was frustrated, there was something missing. I made the decision to work directly with Toby & Layla and everything changed.


Now I knew exactly who my target audience was and how to speak directly to them.


Because of this I launched my very first product generating 28 sales very quickly."

- Alesha Drew

"Their marketing methods are pure gold!


These outline templates have cut my "work load" in half!

I now know how to create ad campaigns that predictably generates clicks, leads and sales for my business...

Thanks for making this process so much simpler!" "

- Michelle Suslee

About 1st Line Media Group

Coming from very humble beginnings. Toby & Layla Black (the founders of 1st Line Media Group) went from living in the basement of a bar...

To building a six figure per year online business in just 14 months. Combined Toby & Layla have over 10 years of digital marketing experience. Considered by many to be some of its original "godfathers".

With over $30 million in sales and 10,000 customers world-wide. They have the skills and experience you can get excited about.

In a world of media shoved down our throats daily. It's critical for even the smallest of businesses, brands or non profits.

To hone their own "unique voice" to stand out from the noise.

Please click the button on this page. Book your free discovery call. And see firsthand how working with us will transform your business, brand or non profits.

In ways you may never of thought possible.