About 1st Line Media Group

Coming from very humble beginnings. Toby & Layla Black (the founders of 1st Line Media Group) went from living in the basment of a bar...

To building a six figure annually online business in just 14 months.

Combined they have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and are considered by many to be some of its original "godfathers".

With over $30 million in sales and 10,000 customers world-wide they have the skills and experience you can get excited about.

In a world of media being shoved down our throats daily. It's critical for even the smallest of businesses or brands.

To hone their own "unique voice" to stand out from the noise.

Please click the button on this page, book a call and see firsthand how working with the 1st Line Media Group can transform your business, brand or non profits in ways you may never of even thought possible.